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I am Adrienne Primrose – wife, mother, pet parent and equine holistic health coach.

Much like you, I used to run around madly, running my own business, helping my husband in his business, hardly ever eating right – if I ate at all – and bringing myself close to the edge of total burnout and depression over being unable to conceive a baby.

I had to find a way to start caring for myself – after all, someone as busy as me didn’t (and still doesn’t!) have time to get sick or have a breakdown. I needed to find the right balance of nutrition, mindfulness and good, old-fashioned me-time to transform myself from a broken shell to the vibrant, passionate, energetic, loving and caring person I knew I was inside.

Through my journey, I became a holistic health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, learned how to eat right, rid myself of toxins and use essential oils. I regained my energy, confidence, and vitality and even found my heart filled when we became parents to a beautiful adopted son.

I still did not feel complete, however. As happy and content as I thought I was, I just felt like there was still more that I could do to feel complete. After meeting my knight in shining armor Joey, I just knew what direction I was headed to next. It all started with my knight Joey. He is a 14-year old thoroughbred that I was blessed with coming in contact with. Joey then became a part of my family and has been with me for three years now and he helped me to find my next direction along with his two ‘sisters’, wild Mustangs River Rain and Skye Blue plus our newest member Apollo. I have since enrolled in Touched by a Horse® to combine my two passions….nutrition and horses.The only thing left now is to share what I have learned, because, like kindness, knowledge doesn’t diminish when you share it. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help you become the Best Version of Yourself, find your inner beauty, confidence, vivacity and sexiness again. I want to give you the chance to just BE.

You can learn how to get your body back to perfect health, how to put aside that phone and spend time with yourself, your family and friends, and how to nurture yourself every day – no matter how busy your schedule is. Feel free to use the form below to write me with any questions you may have. My herd and I are here for you!