Healing Acres

Horses are natural intuitives.

This gift allows them to instantly sense what we are feeling. Our true feelings. Horses support us with self-honesty, to stay in the present moment, and to reconnect with our own heart and soul. Come allow my herd to help you reconnect with your true self, find love for yourself, and to shine your light.

Meditating with horses and spending time in earth’s natural habitat can be healing for our minds, our bodies and our souls. Simply pausing in nature and slowing to the rhythm of the horse can help reduce blood pressure, help release endorphins, and help to calm the body, mind and spirit.

When you attend our Healing Meditation Circles the horses will help guide you in quieting your mind in order to explore your inner knowing, wisdom, and intuition.

At the end of each meditation I ask each participant what emotions or sensations they felt or experienced during the session. Whether they were personally visited by a member of the herd or not, here is what they shared about their experience:

• The experience was very peaceful.
• The experience was relaxing.
• The experience gave calm healing.
• The experience was so energetic.
• The experience was a much needed time and space to go within.
• The experience reduced pain levels.
• The experience meant that everything was and is going to be alright.
• The experience gave me a connection to the horses which empowered me to open my heart.

All it takes is a willingness to open yourself up and allow the herd in. Allow your heart to be touched to feel the love, compassion, peace and healing that others before you have experienced.

Reconnect with yourself and find your Blissful Existence through the unconditional love, acceptance, and awareness of my herd. Choose from the dates below to join us at our Meditation Circle.

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