About Adrienne
About Adrienne

Hi, Beautiful! I’m Adrienne Primrose. I’m your new personal equine gestalt coach. Let’s create your blissful life.

Do you feel completely overwhelmed, like you are lost in a sea of sadness and anxiety, struggling to stay afloat?
Have you lost all self-love and self-motivation, unable to even get through the day with a smile on your face?
Do you find yourself lacking ambition and self-confidence, wondering, why me? Why does my life have to be so hard and overwhelming?
I can relate to this pain; I’ve been exactly where you are now.
I remember when I used to feel like my entire world was crashing down around me. I remember feeling overcome with a tremendous amount of anxiety. Often, I was only one more tear and one more second away from having a completely broken spirit.
I used to feel like I couldn’t do it anymore, and if one more thing in life was thrown my way, I just might drown.
I had tried for so long to conceive a child that I didn’t allow myself to enjoy life anymore because the pain of not conceiving was too great.
I came very close to my breaking point, but in one moment my entire perspective changed.
I realized I was too focused on accepting what could not be that I didn’t embrace what already was. For me, I turned this self-realization into an opportunity.
One day, I woke up and unburied myself from the whirlwind of stress I was facing.
I still had a chance to become a mother, so I chose to adopt a child who needed to be loved as much as I needed to love and have a child of my own.
Suddenly, a weight lifted off my shoulders. I had the motivation and drive to continue to take one day at a time towards a new direction and a new life for me. I found hope.
We all deserve to wake up feeling full of life.
After marrying my husband in 2005, we immediately tried to start a family. After two years of trying to conceive on our own, my husband and I thought it was time to seek advice from a fertility specialist. We needed answers and wanted a solution.
I am forever grateful to feel deserving enough to create the life that I desire – but it wasn’t always this way for me. I endured a very long journey of self-discovery with plenty of ups and downs. But, I’ve finally arrived, and you can too.
I remember entering the fertility office looking around and thinking, “Wow! There are a lot of women here.” I remember my sweaty palms and my racing heart thumping. I was beyond nervous.
I looked at my husband, smiled and said, “We got this!” My husband and I discussed our story with the doctor; and, we decided that fertility treatment options were the path we needed to take.
It wasn’t long before we realized that our journey was going to be everything but easy.
We struggled for years without any success. Seven years to be exact. I visited many specialists and tried an abundance of fertility routines, medications, even injecting myself with hormones. I felt violated and lost; but, I wanted to conceive a child and become a mother so badly that it was worth all the sacrifice.
After some time, all of these procedures took a toll on me as well as my marriage. It just was not worth the pain and emotional torment anymore.
We decided to turn to holistic medicine, acupuncture, Mayan massage, chiropractic care, and naturopathy as alternative options.
I experienced many emotions– anger, not wanting to be touched at all, overwhelmed, failure, stressed, depressed, heartbroken, sad, jealous, alone, and resentful.
After zero success with fertility treatments, my husband and I were blessed to be given the opportunity to adopt a beautiful baby boy. My unsuccessful fertility journey was truly a blessing in disguise.
I first saw Matthew when he was just three days old; and, once I held him in my arms, I knew that all my struggles had ultimately led to him. We were complete.
My years of struggling with fertility placed me on a path to deeper self-awareness. Matthew is my greatest gift and a daily reminder that yes, I can, create a life I desire.
Through every struggle is an opportunity.
I learned through all of this that I was meant to help others realize that creating a life they deserve and desire is within their reach. I know this firsthand.
Enrolling at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition I”IIN”) was a natural progression for me. After completing the training program there, I became a certified holistic health coach, and now I spend my days guiding clients toward finding the success and happiness that maintaining a healthy lifestyle brings.
While I was training at IIN, I learned more than 100 dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. Drawing on this knowledge, I will help you create a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals. I can help guide you as you work through your challenges to become as healthy and happy as possible. It is attainable!
I have some important words just for you: I can’t possibly know the pain you may have experienced in your life. It may have been filled with disappointment, frustration, and the hopelessness of each overwhelming day. Perhaps, you have felt the heartbreak of pain and loss of self in a way similar to mine. I don’t know why we sometimes must endure such a painful journey or why we must go through such struggles in this world. But I do know, no matter where you are now, that one day you’ll be able to look back and realize how your journey was incredibly worth it. Life is a gift, and you deserve to enjoy your life every single day.
All it takes to start is a half hour consultation, *1:1, to determine exactly what your cause for disappointments are. This is your half an hour to speak openly and freely. Our conversation will be confidential, and I assure you, your personal struggles are safe with me. You are welcome to tell me as much, or as little as you need or feel is necessary. (*1:1 consultations can be done via in person, telephone or skype.)
Working with me, I will empower you to take control of your health and life. We will explore all aspects of your life together and learn what’s stopping you from getting the results you desire.
Book a free consultation with me today to find out more about how you can turn your life around, together or as a team. (Click here to email me or feel free to call me at 570-420-7599.)
Remember, you are an amazing and beautiful person. You deserve to do more than just exist in this world…you deserve to “BE”.

Why not hire a equine health coach?

Getting healthy can feel overwhelming especially in this day and age with the internet. So many diets, do this and don’t do that, exercise programs, daily drinks and pills all promising to “change your life.” You ask, “What should I do?” Enter the equine health coach. A equine health coach is someone who supports you with your health wellness goals and provides you with a toolkit to achieve wellness for life. This process is done in small manageable steps. Health coaches have a wealth of knowledge in nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle techniques. Many doctors are now referring patients to health coaches for support in bettering their lifestyles and overall health.

Why Am I Different?

I am certified to assist you in making the best choices for your health, wellness and happiness. I LISTEN to your health and wellness goals. I HEAR what you are desiring. I EVALUATE all areas of your life to create a balanced YOU. I SUPPORT you by giving you the tools and helping you find the motivation to BE the Best Version of Yourself! By doing so, you will lose weight, have more energy, sleep better, feel confident and less stressed, and so much positive more!

“Adrienne is very caring, supportive, and super encouraging throughout the process.”

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