Crystal Mobile



Product Description

These mobiles are each hand made and are all one-of-a-kind.  There are no two mobiles alike and each are made with crystal, agate, and marble.  Each individual mobile is unique in that they provide purpose. Each stone and color represent something different.

These are the color combinations that you can choose from:

  • Orange – releases emotions and lifts the spirits.
  • White – for peace and comfort.
  • Pink – for emotional soothing, calming and love.
  • Green – for healing and balancing emotions.
  • Brown – for stability, alleviating and insecurity.
  • Blue – calming and protecting.
  • Purple – allows you to connect with your spiritual self.
  • Black – comforting and protective.
  • Yellow – for self confidence, strengthening, and optimism.

Each mobile comes with a crystal, marble and agate. Marble provides strength of self control, the mastery of thought and the power of serenity. Agate consists of balance, talent and fidelity to provide a cleansing effect to transform and eliminate negativity.

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