The Healing Herd

I will never forget the first time I had been up close to a horse.

I was about six year’s old and I was visiting my aunt’s and uncle’s home. I still have the memory of how quickly my heart raced and how my belly felt. I was scared but excited. My cousin asked me if I would like to sit on his back. She assured me that I will be fine. I hopped right on up there. Being nervous and not thinking what did I do? I squeezed my legs and off the horse went full trot ahead and right off I went right off his side. The horse politely stopped, looked back with a ‘Oh no. You ok?’ look. Knowing what I know now, a highly trained horse (which this one was as my cousin showed him in a circuit) when you squeeze your legs around them, well, that means, ‘go boy!’ Everything is in hindsight right? Yes, this was my very first experience with a horse. Years later I would go on trail rides at the local riding stable and I would sit on top of these majestic beings with the memory of falling, but there was something about them that made me want to be with them. There is something about a horse that always intrigued me. I yearned to be with them. As nervous as I was with them is as much as I wanted to be with them. I felt so safe and full in their presence.

Amazing though how the memories and traumas of our experiences from when we were young stay with us as we grow up. See, I have six amazing horses, but I don’t ride any of them. People look at me like I am crazy and ask, “You have six horses that you don’t ride?” I don’t tell them that I have a deep fear of riding because I fell one time when I was six year’s old. But, you see, this is how traumas work. I knew I was afraid but up until about six month’s ago, I didn’t know why. Becoming aware, being with my healing herd and learning Gestalt taught me to live a full and completely blessed life. Sure, having a wonderful husband and a scrumptious boy could easily be everything I ever wanted; but, I still felt like I just was not complete. Like, really complete. Like, really full.

Seeing a horse for the first time could have never prepared me for where I am today. My healing herd of six members is strong and my heart is just so full when I am with them. They each have their own personalities and make me laugh just by being themselves and their authentic self. They are my ‘medicine’! When I am feeling down, mad, sad, anxious, deep in thought, headache, pains of any sort, I go there with them. It somehow is all better. I feel better, aware, clearer with less or no pain. I can find my “home” again.

Joey | My knight in shining armor.

~ I am here to hold the space of Education to facilitate healing of the Mind, Body, and Soul of mankind. My message is to love each other, yourselves, and the Earth.

Joey was the first. I found Joey through one of my sisters. I can recall this day like it was yesterday. Just a couple of days after Christmas of 2016 I was sitting in my den feeling in some kind of crappy way. Not sure of its reasoning, I found myself on the web searching for horses. I actually had an epiphany that morning. I thought, I don’t need to have the horses at my home. I could just board them and then I wouldn’t have to wait until I had everything in place for a horse. I texted my sisters this thought when the one immediately sent me a picture of Joey saying that he is at the barn where her daughter takes riding lessons and that he was in need of a home. I packed up Matthew and off we went to meet Joey. It was love at first sight! I found myself in his stall with no barriers between us just giving him love. I thought to myself, “Wow! This is strange. I would never think of doing this before. What does this mean?” I touched him on his neck. He looked my way and I say to him, “Hey, hot stuff. I am in your stall with you. I am touching you. You with your kind eyes, do you know what this means? I think this means that I am going to be your mama. Would you like that?” And, well, the rest is history. How Joey got his nickname, my knight in shining armor, is because not only did/does he save me mentally, but he also has saved me from other horses. This boy, my hero, my first horse, has opened my heart in ways that I couldn’t ever imagine.

My next two horses came home in August of 2018. They were born on Beatys Butte, Oregon which is a very remote area of the Country. They may not have ever seen a human. Wow! How scary for them to have to acclimate to domestic life. River Rain is around six year’s old and Skye Blue is around five year’s old. We know this because of their teeth. Just like rings in a tree the teeth tell their age. Being mares, the old saying, “Ask a mare” definitely holds true to these two confident, know who they are, boundary setting beings. I am proud that my horses, including these two, feel confident and safe to be who they are, their true self, authentic self.

Skye Blue | Beautiful one.

~ I have come to hold the space of righteousness and order. I show humans to honor their true power and that together they can heal each other and the world in which they live through love.

Skye Blue is around five year’s old and my biggest teacher. She keeps me in line, if you will. She forces me to keep growing spiritually and emotionally. Skye Blue sets and holds boundaries. She forces me to slow down and respect personal space. Now, all of these things may make you think, “Oh, wow! She sounds fresh, not trained and ill-mannered.” Actually, though, on the contrary. She knows who she is and what she wants and does not want. She won’t allow anything but that. Skye Blue stays true to her authentic self. She is a gift for sure.

River Rain | My unicorn.

~ I have come to hold the space of Joy. My message for humans is to release the burdens they carry and feel the healing Joy of Nature.

River Rain (my unicorn) is the matriarch of the herd. She is around six year’s old and she is my big puppy dog. River is so kind and gentle yet has strong energy. Funny but you will very rarely see her bare her teeth or pin her ears. She lovingly communicates with her strong energy. She loves kids and is playful. River Rain also loves to be groomed and if you rub her butt, she will love you forever!

Apollo | My gentle giant.

~ I am here to hold the space of forgiveness. Humans need to forgive themselves and others so they can feel the love of the Great Spirit.

Apollo is the fourth member of the herd to arriveWe/the herd, welcomed him with open hearts on Labor Day 2019. He is a seven years old, off the track thoroughbred. He was injured on the track which required him to retire. Don’t let his size intimidate you, though, he is as sweet as pie. Apollo is kind and gentle and loves kids. He loves his herd and enjoys when they are all together and will give a good holler if one decides to graze too far.

Cosmo | The Great.

~ I hold the space of unconditional love. The animals show you everyday what unconditional love looks like. Humans must open their mind and hearts to feel. There is no greater gift we have to give.

Cosmo is the 5th member of the herd. He arrived right after Christmas and boy was he a great gift to us! He is gigantic but is he a big love. He was my sister’s horse coming from North Carolina. As soon as he arrived and met the herd he decided that this is where he wanted to stay. He expressed that he wanted to be a part of the healing team as he believes he will be great at it!! I have to tell you, I agree! Cosmo is already showing off some of his healing skills.

Inka | Sweet Girl.

~ Go with the flow. Allow and embrace change. Something good is coming to you.

Sweet Girl Inka is our newest edition. She may be smaller than the other members of The Healing Herd, but, don’t let her size fool you! She is smart and sassy and has blended in perfectly with her elders. She brings added warmth and tenacity to the group.

Always being in touch with my wild side and trying to always remain authentic to who I really am comes naturally to wild horses. Their beauty, their confidence, their ability to know who they are has always fascinated me.

Horses are such amazing animals. Learning about their ‘spirit connection’ qualities and how to partner with them to help others has made me realize where I belong in continuing with my education to assist others. By holding meditation circles and reiki sessions I am making myself available to those that are missing that complete, feeling good all around life. I am furthering this knowledge by attending The Touched by a Horse® Equine Gestalt Method program. This program is an intense two-year program that trains the student in how to properly utilize the method to deeply heal others by partnering with horses.

My meditation circles are offered every two weeks and you can attend as many as you like in order to center yourself and maintain that balance. My reiki sessions are available by appointment. Coming in 2021 private and group sessions will be available using the gestalt method.

See you in the pasture!