The Mission of The Healing Herd at Blissful Existence Healing Acres is for you to find connection, love, joy, peace, positivity and empowerment. To provide the best experience we ask that you pre-register. Be aware that space is limited and can sell out quickly; don’t delay in registering.

Just some notes to keep in mind while coming to BEHA:

Your healing experience is one to be compared with a powerful, yet gentle, kind, and loving. Here you will be able to let go of anything that may be keeping you from your true, authentic self. You will leave with a sense of love and peace. This safe, sacred place is where you bring your true feelings and emotions.  The horses welcome and appreciate your true self.

  • Please come to the barn at least 10 minutes prior in order to fill out the applicable forms.
  • Please wear weather conscious comfortable clothing.
  • Closed toe shoes a must (absolutely no sandals permitted). Tennis shoes or boots are preferred as the horse(s) may interact with you.
  • The journey begins promptly, we will continue until the end without breaking. Please be sure that any needs you may possibly have during this time are addressed prior to starting.

We welcome you to the herd and can’t wait to meet with you!

| EQUINE GESTALT | Approximately 2 hours per session | Flip flops/Sandals of any kind are not permitted! Closed toed shoes or boots required.

The Equine Gestalt Method allows you to become aware of any emotional blockages or unfinished business. Our weekly group sessions provide a sense of commune and allows for a connection that facilitates the healing process. It is an opportunity for you to feel the love and support of not only myself and the Healing Herd but of the group.

Enjoy being supported and supporting others, being part of the “herd”. This is your time to pause, take in breath, refill, recharge. Join us in a safe and confidential sacred space and get un-stuck, be fully heard and supported, let go of old pain, baggage, and grief and leave with a new clarity to self, feeling love, peace, connection, joy, and compassion.

Our weekly group session is limited to 8 participants only.

DATES (Wednesday evenings beginning at 6:00 pm):

May 3rd, May 24th, and May 31st

June 14th, June 21st, and June 28th


One-on-one sessions are also available. Please email me schedule an Exploratory call for more information.

(*Price is per person*)

Pay for 3 weeks at a discount by clicking here.

Pay for individual sessions by clicking here.

Schedule an Exploratory Call by clicking here.

| VIP SESSIONS | 6 hour, one day experience | Flip flops/Sandals of any kind are not permitted! Closed toed shoes or boots required.

You’ve taken time to get to know your significant other, your best friend, your co-workers, heck, maybe even the grocery store clerk – but, have you ever taken time to really get to know you?

During this day we will:

  • Explore the inner workings of you and your truth.
  • Discover the background of why and how you walk through life.
  • Empower you with magic of choice.

You will leave the ranch with deeper insight about yourself, your relationships, your goals, and your next steps in life.

It can be experienced by a couple, a family, or a set of friends who want to explore and expand their relationships.

The VIP experience includes light breakfast and lunch.

| MEDITATION CIRCLE | Lasts approximately 2 hours | Flip flops/Sandals of any kind are not permitted! Closed toed shoes or boots required.

Meditation has been proven to help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, promotes emotional health, calmness, and presence. It is even more rich of an experience when meditating in nature in the presence of The Healing Herd on this sacred land.

Upcoming Sessions.

SATURDAY, JUNE 10th at 11:00 am


One-on-one or private groups are also available. Please email me or schedule an Exploratory call for more information.

(*Price is per person*)

Purchase your space by clicking here.

| WORKSHOPS | Group size from small to medium | Flip flops/Sandals of any kind are not permitted! Closed toed shoes or boots required.

Blissful Existence Healing Acres is a place to explore and create, become empowered to desire. One of the ways we do this is through our workshops where we use a variety of simple easy to use tools to do just this. Come create the life you desire.

These are done in a group with or without horses or via ZOOM.

DATES: Create Your Best Life ~ Thursdays, December 1st, December 8th, and December 15th | 6:00 pm VIA ZOOM

About this workshop:

Let me ask you a couple of questions:

  • Are you living your dream life?
  • Do you desire more?

Wouldn’t you love to have guidance in drawing out your future to make your dreams a reality, your life full of excitement and passion?

As adults we all get caught up in the day-to-day tasks at hand and we forget what brings us joy. It is easy to lose sight in today’s busy world. It’s time to STOP it! Join me as we…….Create Your Best Life!

This is a 3-week ZOOM series that will give you the tools you need to write out your dream life and will help you get there.

Click here to reserve your space.

(*Price is per person and is based on type of workshop*)


Unable to join us at the ranch face to face? Sometimes life is a bit too complicated for an in-person session. No worries, as I have another way for you to feel supported, more joyful, more peaceful, and present.

In these coaching sessions we meet (3) times per month to help keep you focused, in the present moment, and feel fully supported. This allows for awareness’s to unfold around the situation that is holding you back in life on your journey to self-discovery, and/or offering support for an already established momentum moving forward.

My job is to give you the tools to achieve clarity, understanding, compassion, and a deeper sense of self. These sessions are available in packages offering the following (click the link below for your desired package):

Packages are tailored to fit the client’s specific needs.


As you move about your day-to-day life, I want to remind you that we are here to offer you self-healing. By doing weekly zoom meditations we will help you relieve stress from not only your body, but also your thoughts. We can help you stay connected and present.

The meditations are recorded so if you are unable to attend at the time of each meditation, it’s okay because we will be sending you a link so you can view that week’s meditation when the time suits you. However, the link will change with the following meditation so please be sure to put aside some time to view it before it expires.

*Monthly meditations are automatically billed.


DATES: To be announced

(*Price is per person*)

| FARM TO BARN DINNER | Saturdays starting 6:00 pm

There is just something about eating in a barn surrounded by community and The Healing Herd; feeling love and peace with a full, happy belly. Just thinking about it gets me all excited and hungry!

The multi-course dinner is offered monthly using organic, local, fresh farm ingredients and changes each month with attention to detail.

DATES: To be announced once our new space is ready!

(*Price is per person*)