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Depression. Feelings of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities once enjoyed. It can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems and can decrease a person’s ability to function at work and at home.

Anxiety. A feeling of worry about something that hasn’t happened yet, nervousness or unease.

Presence. A feeling of happiness, joy, gratefulness from living in the current moment. A feeling of bliss.

Something may cause us to slip in and out of these feelings from time to time. There are all sorts of reasons that we may have these feelings. Some reasons we may be aware of; others we may not.

Have you ever woken up in a grumpy mood to not even know what caused you to feel this way? Or maybe you wake up happy and then something triggers you and that great mood is gone? I know both have happened to me.

Looking to make a conscious effort to slow time down so that you can find some peace in the craziness of the life you live? Feeling like you have been crazy busy and just want to do something nice for yourself is sometimes hard.

Here’s the thing, horses are naturals at offering their healing support in any way you need. They feel your imbalances, know which area of the body they need to attune or balance.

I have to make a conscious effort daily because if not it’s already 10pm and I am heading to bed without even remembering my day or taking the time to be grateful for something.

So many before you have come to my herd, sat down feeling one way and left feeling another. Here’s what others before you have said:

• The experience was very peaceful.

• The experience was relaxing.

• The experience gave calm healing.

• The experience was so energetic.

• The experience was a much needed time and space to go within.

• The experience reduced pain levels.

• The experience meant that everything was and is going to be alright.

• The experience gave me a connection to the horses which empowered me to open my heart.

Meditation has been proven to help anxiety and depression. It is relaxing and calming. Equine meditation takes on a broader and greater mindful experience. Horses guide us to live in the present. In the her and now. When we bring our true emotions to a equine meditation circle the horses help to calm the body, mind, and soul. Simply pausing in nature and slowing to the rhythm of the horse can help reduce blood pressure and help release positive endorphins. The horses will help guide you in quieting your mind in order to explore your inner knowing, wisdom, and intuition.

My 6-week Equine Meditation Series with the herd will guide you to a place where you will have removed anxiety and feel in the present moment with attention and awareness.

Each Wednesday we will work on different chakras and bring calmness to your mind, body, and soul. All you need to do is open yourself up and allow the herd in. Allow your heart to be touched to feel the love, compassion, peace and healing.

Our 6-week Blissful Existence Healing Acres Equine Meditation Series is every Wednesday beginning August 26th at 6:00 pm. Cost is only $250 for the entire Series and is payable in one or two payments. In addition to the herd being a part of each session there will be light refreshments, gifts, and community. Just click your option below and let the healing begin!

Meditation Series will begin in Spring of 2021! See you then!