Anxious vs. Trust

Is anxiety your normal, has it become a way of living your life? Have you become so used to it and “ok” with it that you, most of the time, don’t even realize you are living with anxiety unless it’s really heightened?

I will tell you that it is literally robbing you of pleasure, joy, and peace. I know all about this because I used to live this way. Anxiety was how I functioned, the only way I knew how to function, in fact when I wasn’t anxious, I felt bored, tired, and well not “myself”. I had to create anxiety in my life to be “normal”, to be at my best. Does any of this ring true for you?

The pleaser, the doer, the perfectionist – was taking my pure joy, my peace. So now I live in the moment not the past – depression and not the future – anxiety but this very current moment. The only one we have right now! The future isn’t here yet, and most times the very thing I am anxious about most doesn’t happen anyway. Such wasted energy.

When we are anxious and living in the future we rob ourselves of the joy and peace of NOW. Now I know that you may be saying easier said than done. And well, honestly, you are right. This takes patience, kindness to self, and lots of self-reminding. Gently bringing yourself back to the present moment. Here’s one of the many ways I do this – breathing. Breathing is huge! You should be doing deep belly breathing through the day, inhale fully into your belly and exhaling fully out gently knitting your belly into your spine. Do this for even 3-5 breaths 3-5 times a day and you will notice a huge difference.

Another thing I like to do is to check in with my body, then with the environment. Become aware of your feet on the earth. Become aware of what you smell around you. Become aware or your spine. Become aware of the way the air feels. Become aware of how our heart is feeling. Become aware of the sounds around you. Oh the wonders and awareness you will start to see. Then of course there is your faith – God, angels, spirit, universe, who or whatever it is, know that they have your back. Know that they are with you to assist, simply ask. The biggest thing is to have patience and be kind to yourself. Don’t forget that the horses and I are here to assist you in anyway that you need.

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