Mother Nature has blessed us!

Mother Nature has blessed us with beautiful weather these past couple of weeks. I hope you were able to put down your daily tasks and get out to enjoy it. I love nature. I have always spent a lot of time outdoors in the woods, on the grass, hiking, walking, playing with my dog and son. I always feel so rejuvenated afterwards.

I don’t know about you but I have been feeling a little off lately. Well, some days A LOT off, as the energetic shifts have been intense. Be sure to drink a ton of water. Remember, the earth is mainly water and so are we so drinking a lot will help with the symptoms. And get outside into nature. Take off your shoes, go barefoot, and feel the grass, the earth. Imagine yourself grounding into the earth allowing what you no longer need or what no longer serves you well to be released into the earth to be cleared and cleansed. Coming to my Healing Meditations with my herd will also help you with this intense energy shift, with clearing what you no longer need, and assisting you with amping up your vibration.

Here’s a little about what’s happening here at Blissful Existence Healing Acres.

Joey continues to be a rockstar as there has been some profound experiences in the meditation circles! Just for you, I have added some chakra materials to take home, if you choose, so you can dive a bit deeper into their meanings and relevance. Also, starting June 30th you will be taking home a little gift that you will choose for yourself. Well, really, IT will choose you!

Joey – The King
Joey continues to be steady and awesome! He is just a “solid” boy and it’s great that my girls have him. He helps them to understand and feel safe in this domestic life. He has been “escaping” and free grazing in the yard. He actually plots his escape. OH, Joseph you always keep me on my toes and keep me giggling! It’s funny because playing with the girls is quite different than playing with Joe. He’s, well, let’s just say very strong willed and intentional and likes to plant his feet. Try moving a 1200 pound being if he doesn’t want to move! This proves to be unlikely. Haha! I think some of you actually got to witness this after the meditations! Joey says, “Get out of your head mom!”

BEHA - Joey

River Rain – My Unicorn
River Rain continues to act like a big puppy dog loving her butt scratches and making her silly faces! (Can you tell….lol?) We have been playing more and more lately. Well, it’s actually training but I like to call it play as it sounds much more fun and training tends to be task oriented. I try to make it as fun for her as possible and she is doing great. We know horses don’t tend to like “tasks” as we humans are way too much in our thinking minds. Mustangs are so smart they just know what you are thinking. As I ask her to move a certain way she is already doing it! She really is just so loving and an amazing once wild horse. She is really a dream horse.

River laughing - mailchimp

Skye Blue – My Pretty Princess
This past Tuesday, for the first time ever, Skye Blue allowed me to put a halter on her!! I should say she asked for the halter to be put on. We just stood there and I played with it on her face, rubbing her and telling her just how brave she is! Oh, but the cherry topper is……..she let me kiss her face three times!! That was a first as well! Then on Wednesday she was following me everywhere wanting to be with me, OMGosh!! How sweet is that right?! So after a little while I said let’s try the halter again; and, so we did. She stuck her nose right into it, but this time we walked and moved about. Her foot falls matched my very own. This is HUGE as we were in sync in unity which is what I strive for with my horses. It has taken Skye a full 10 months to finally allow for this to happen. I am just so proud of her! The cutest thing was that she stood by the gate watching my son and his friends play for over an hour yesterday! I have a feeling Skye Blue will be joining us in the round pen shortly!

Skye Blue - mailchimp

All of them love to eat their salads made up of assorted fruits, veggies and herbs. They never know what they are going to get and love to explore the different flavors and textures. Although, River Rain chooses not to eat basil from time to time. Gotta love their personalities!

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