Forgiveness v. Freedom

So often I hear that you must forgive someone, you must ‘get over it’, just ‘let it go’. Even as I type these words, I feel antsy, annoyed, my body starts to speak in response. My mind immediately kicks in and shares, “Well, how will you move on? How will you get over it? How will you not be mad anymore if you don’t forgive?”

What is your body sharing with you as you read these words? What’s your mind sharing? It’s all so confusing. The anger, hurt, fear, yet the want to move on, ‘to get over it’. What if feeling and speaking your truth is the bridge to freedom? Freedom from the hold it has on you. Feeling like you are not ready to let go of the hold yet? I get that too.

By the way, none of this has to take place in front of the “real” person, it can all be done right here on the ranch with just you and I. Come and find your freedom!

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