Letting go.

Holy cow, it’s already July. Where did June go?! Here is where my month went. My 7-yr old son has been promoted to 2nd grade, and has been enjoying some time at home with me and our herd. He is enrolled in camp to attend 5-days a week, but feels like momma and horses are way more pleasurable. I can’t blame him! I hope your summer is in full enjoyable swing and you’re taking good care of yourself.

This new moon brings a lot of release and transformation. What do you need to let go of? What is no longer serving you well? It can be anything physical or non-physical. Sometimes it may be a person. Over the last few years I have had to let people that I love, really love a lot, go. Now I didn’t say, “Go away”. I just slowly pulled away very lovingly. I still love them; and, if they called, I would be there for them but keeping them ‘over there’ is serving me much better. See, if I don’t feel good around you, I can’t be around you. I only allow loving, positive, feel good people that make me feel good and serve my highest good to spend my precious time with.

So sit quietly and breathe. Expand your chest and explore who you are…you; and, explore what no longer gives you the feel goods and let it go. This may bring up some emotions. This is a good thing. Let them flow, then explore some more. The herd here at Blissful Existence Healing Acres holds space for you to expand and transform.

Joey – The King
During this last Healing Meditation Circle Joey was knocking the singing bowls around again. I think he may be telling me to keep those out of the meditations. Ok, Joseph we will! He is not enjoying this heat or flies but knows this too shall pass. I support him with extra fruits and herbs and a variety of salts. He does enjoy a good cool hose down as well.


River Rain – My Unicorn
River Rain has been standing guard and making sure her herd is safe as the fireworks have been going off nightly around here. She’s such a gentle loving leader!! She got her first hose down, she was adorable as she was spinning around and around making sure I get every inch of her. I will try to remember to get video next time. She’s got some personality this one!

River releasing for Mailchimp

Skye Blue – Miss America
Skye Blue was extremely interested in the Healing Meditation Circle this past Sunday. In fact she stood in the lower pasture at the fence line most of the time. I knew from the day I laid my eyes on her that she is a healer. She still prefers not to be touched too much but boy you don’t need to touch her to feel her. She has a profound, very strong presence about her. She continues to make me proud as they all do.

Skye Blue for Mailchimp

Joey is so mellow, kind, and loving. River Rain is very forward, loves to be touched, and is kind. Skye Blue is powerful in her energy, is the first to approach, but does not want much touch. They all are so different but have so much to offer. They are true gifts to each other, myself, my family, and to all of you.

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